SeatedFor nearly 30 years, Derek Holser has tried to do one thing – sometimes well, other times, not so much – to “learn a little about a lot.” Derek is relentlessly curious, and his writing stems from an indefatigable intrigue regarding the human condition. He pursues tangents and “rabbit trails” to the point of exhaustion because he believes it is only when we break the meaningless layers of surface information do we begin to gain an inkling of what it means to be human.

Derek and his wife Leah, married for over a dozen years, are the proud parents of three wonderful kids: Hannah, 9, Avila, 7, and Lincoln, 5. Derek is an attorney, college professor, and part-time cartographer. Beginning with a newspaper route at age 14, he has worked his way through life, picking up a little knowledge and wisdom from great people at every stop. Derek’s done everything from part-time mailman to real estate agent to BBQ restaurant waiter to door-to-door Bible salesman to certified strength and conditioning coach. Along the way, he’s learned from the inside out how the experiences of various occupations inform and influence our culture. He even spent a few months in 1996 moonlighting at an apartment renovation project, picking up broken drywall for hours on end. He didn’t learn much there, except that education was important.

Which partly explains why he has spent almost his entire life in school (he also simply loves the smell of books), either as a teacher or student. Not satisfied with picking up nearly 30 credits more than necessary to finish his bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Derek went on to earn a Masters in Education and his Juris Doctor. While practicing law is occasionally fun and sometimes interesting, it’s Derek’s love for words that brought him to his current adventure, full-time author.

Now, creating characters and worlds consumes him, because stories are the stuff of life. And life is a story. Well-told and well-lived are just different expressions for the same thing, and Derek’s stories are meant to inspire every reader to pursue a life well-lived. To pursue dreams and to bring those dreams to life – that’s the point of living. And that’s the point of Derek Holser.


Things you need to know about Derek

  • Derek is a state of being.
  • Derek doesn’t choose paper or plastic – he prefers smiles.
  • Derek owns three pets, and one of them is still alive.
  • Derek finished the Hungarian Triathlon in record time in 2002.
  • Derek boxes ears of corn.
  • Derek flies kites only because he likes being pulled by string.
  • It takes two to tango, but sometimes it only takes Derek.
  • Derek’s first name is Derek.
  • Derek’s pony riding days are over.