May 07
The Sky Is Falling?

Sky is Falling Blog

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

So shouts Chicken Little, aka Henny Penny, after being struck atop the head by what he thought was a piece of the sky. It turns out that it was nothing more than an acorn, but Chicken Little hadn’t been out much. He was inexperienced in the world of deciduous trees and the effects of gravity upon said trees.

Published in Boston as early as 1840, this centuries old fable accents its central character’s preposterous behavior by naming the secondary characters with nonsensical rhyming names.

Turkey Lurkey is my favorite, but the other barnyard creatures include Foxy Woxy and Loosey Goosey (both obviously named in an era before sexual promiscuity was glamorized and/or precocious adolescents greeted every possible lewd term with a nervous giggle).

All in all, it’s a grand bunch of simple-minded animals that almost get eaten by Foxy Woxy, as he takes advantage of Chicken Little’s manufactured hysteria and leads the group of barnyard fowls to his home for a succulent feast for one. READ MORE