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Leah and I were recently in Tokyo, which provided the inspiration for this blog entry. Actually, I thought the picture I took of Tokyo – posted above – was pretty impressive and I wanted to share it with the general public. Which amounts to the dozens of people flocking to my website.

I’m a writer but I’ve never blogged before last week. So, forgive me if I fail to follow the unofficial blogging guidelines. (Or official blogging guidelines – is there a blogging textbook? Blogging class at the community college?)

Tokyo is remarkable. It’s a staggeringly crowded yet impeccably clean place. At least the parts I saw. Everyone told me there is very little crime. I think this might be one reason that Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world. If nobody is afraid of being mugged, that reduces everyone’s stress level. And we all know stress is the real “silent killer”, along with my Aunt Cindy’s breath after second helpings of Uncle Bert’s chili.

This was my second trip to Tokyo and I enjoyed it even more than the first. Tokyo has 30+ million residents. Every time I asked for a population number from the locals, I was told a range from 30 – 40 million. I guess it’s hard to get an accurate count once you crack the 30 million mark.

By posting this picture, maybe some of the locals will be excited to buy my books and encourage the other Tokyo-ites? to buy. If I can just build a market of 1% of all Tokyo-ans? to buy my books, that’s 300,000+ books. I’ll take that. So, come on, Tokyo-ers? pick up a copy. Just click and buy. It’s that simple. Technology makes all this possible and we all reap the benefits! You get a fun book and I get money. It’s good times all the way around.

Thank you Tokyo and the Japanese people for your tremendous hospitality and stunning scenery. Sayōnara for now. Or should I say, Mata ashita.

2 Responses to “Live from Tokyo”

  1. Petra says:

    Whew. Thanks for that laugh – Cindy and Bert?! I don’t know – that just completely cracked me up!

    I hope you and the fam are doing well! Looking forward to reading your book! :)

    • derekholser says:

      Hey Petra! Thanks – we are doing well. Hope you and your family are doing great as well. You don’t remember Cindy and Bert? I changed the names to protect our family, you know.

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