The journey to launch Boy 39 actually began in 2006 on an airplane somewhere over Idaho. I wrote a scene where a teenager walking through a grocery store checkout aisle spends the entire two minutes checking out the cashier, a cute girl with a troubled home. When the boy fails to say anything to the girl, he encounters a smart-aleck kid on the mini-carousel outside the doors to the store. The kid reads the teenage boy’s mind, and asks him why he didn’t ask the girl out for a date.

Between then and now, lots of different things transpired, including moving my family cross-country, having our third child, practicing and teaching law, working on other stories, etc. All the things of life.

After spending years telling small business owners and nonprofit organizations to pursue their dreams and plans, I finally asked myself, “why aren’t you pursuing your dream?’ You see, for as long as I can remember, I’ve written. Poems, songs, silly short stories, college papers for friends, newspaper articles, curriculum, business presentations, you name it. If it contained words on paper, I wrote it. More than anything I wrote, I loved making stories. Creating a world with characters that came to life. Real people (in my head) who I got to watch interact with each other. I could throw curveballs at my fictional beings and see what they did, then write it down.

I am pursuing my dream. Which brings us to this moment. I spent the last few months writing Boy 39, and producing what I hope is an entertaining, even inspiring story about the power of family, the triumph of good over evil, and the unintended consequences of trying to change your fate.

Boy 39 is no longer about a guy in a grocery store who’s afraid to hit on the cute cashier.

It’s about a reluctant hero, his pudgy funny podmate (roommate), an evil scientist, time travel, mutiny, a son with an overbearing father, a beautiful genius pushed to the breaking point, a sinister force of oppression, a single mom discarded by her dad, a compassionate stranger, a bewildered enforcer and a race against time.

In other words, it’s a story about life. It just so happens that these lives unfold in different times, in an isolated world and if they don’t get out, they will die. So, yeah, I guess it is just like every day in the real world.

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